Cute Little Lovebirds. (sneak peak)

Meet my newest sister.
At least she will be in less than a month.
My little brother is getting married and asked me to snap a few engagements for them.
They are so very much in love (so cute!) and were both such troopers!
Because you'd never know it, but it was really cold {freezing actually} and incredibly windy to boot.
Regardless, the morning light did wonderfully beautiful things for the coloring.


  1. Oh Leah. You're just good at EVERYTHING. I love these pictures!!! You're so great.

  2. Stop it already - I'm dying they are so cute.

  3. love these. The last one is my fav.

  4. Yeah, these two really are adorable. Did I mention the impromptu dancing that led to the last shot? So cute, right?!


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