A really great sort of chaos

The Romanian translation for chaos is the word haos.
It is pronounced almost exactly like house.
And although there are numerous vocabulary I struggle to remember in my second language,
this is definitely not one of them.
Because our house has always been the epitome of chaos.
As in: "the inherent unpredictability of a complex natural system."
That complex natural system being, of course, our family.

And this Christmas found us as inherently unpredictable as ever.
In the best possible way of course.
We seriously couldn't have had a better holiday!

It included:
Watching the live nativity outside.

And later listening as it was read by dad and enacted by these cute kidlets: 

Constructing these gorgeous confectiony edifices. 

Lunching & visiting with Grandma Hartley.

Hours spent learning, playing, and obsessing over this game:
** this in no way diminished the hours usually spent playing rook

11 adults laughing uncontrollably while huddled around watching this muppets clip at least a dozen time:

Cheering on the men as they competed in the hillspring basketball tournament.
And especially being witness to this score:
(That's an 83 on the left. And was earned only after their sub finally showed up.)

Successfully damming (an effort engineered by Ryan & Jordan) the partially frozen river with giant snowballs,
and doing a bit of tobogganing on the side.

 Competing in Remington badminton day(s) at the church gym.

An up close view of one of Santa's twelve. 
(We could tell he was no ordinary deer due to his apparent affinity for cinnamon bears,
which he consumed right off the review mirror.)

Lots & lots of family togetherness.

The general adoration of these scrumptious niblets!

Enjoying all sorts of delicious edibles: 

Oh, and apparently some heartfelt caroling.

A marvelous time I'd say.


  1. Oh Leah. Such great pictures. I'm glad you guys had a good time...Even more glad that you're now back in the States. I daresay Canada has had its fair share of you guys. So, now that you're back, I am pleased!

  2. Fun pictures, Leah! It's so fun to see pictures of your family! One day you should come to our place and take pictures for us... I love your pictures!

  3. goodness! you need a vacation from your vacation! i enjoyed all your pictures! we miss you guys!

  4. I dare-say that they have, although we head back in February for my brothers wedding. Maybe you guys should just tag along so we don't have to be in separate countries any more than necessary!

    Thanks Chels, Your family (and home) is so darling it would be just too much fun to photograph you guys! :)

    And tell me about it kera, family is always such fun, but completely exhausting at the same time. We're not complaining though!

  5. looks like we didn't download all the photo's you had...I'll have to get them from you, since I feel like we hardly picked up our camera this christmas (I blame it on being outnumbered by our kids though) Love the post, and miss you guys already. See you in February... oh and I love the pictures of the kids looking under the bathroom door as it's in use. They were relentless in their pursuits.

  6. you have the most adorable family leah! it looks like you guys had a wonderful time! (you documented it so well.. of course).

  7. Chels, yeah for some reason when mom loaded pics to her comput, it would randomly leave out some pictures. no idea why. strange, right? anyway, i love that same picture, those kids ARE relentless!

    Thanks Paige, our every time I see a family post on your blog I think that our families seem like they would get along really well. :)


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