Lovebirds have flown the coop!

These two are long gone. 
Sunning on the sandy beaches of Mexico.
I still can't believe how well everything went {minus the canadian temperatures.}
And how much fun it is to be with all our family - just six short weeks after our Christmas visit no less!

These two are completely in love and little brother Pete gave the absolute sweetest toast.
Surely it dispelled any thought that he is anything short of completely enamored with this girl.
We kinda' like her too. A lot!
He simply couldn't have chosen better.

I love family weddings,
and Avery definitely put it best with her animated exclamation of:
"I just can't believe we get to go to a wedding today!"


  1. What a fun picture! They both look adorable. So fun that you got to go back to Canada... even in the freezing cold :) Especially to be together with your whole family for a wedding. So wonderful! :)

  2. It was indeed a fun trip. Hopefully someday we'll both be in canada at the same time and could get together!


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