Drawer liners

Two of my D.I. finds have finally met!
They literally had a connection... as in some serious mod podge was in action.
I took this (scented floral paper) and created drawer liners for this.
After, of course, a necessary long airing out process to ensure the scented part was gone.
It was a nauseating grandma-esc scent that I will not miss.

But I am so pleased with the final product.
Perfection achieved with a feminine floral/geometric pattern in a masculine(-ish) color.
I don't know what purpose this will serve in the future, but at least we have our bases covered.
Pictures? Why yes, of course!

From this:
To this:

And an aerial view:

The secret to mod podge is to coat the bottom before you lay the paper.
And to smooth everything out while it's still wet. 
Then just add layer upon layer of coats to the already flat surface.
However, in my haste, I did all the first coats simultaneously and by the time I was ready to lay the papers in the last few drawers they were a little too dry.
It resulted in a few wrinkles. You can see them in the pictures above.
But because they are hidden safe inside a dresser and underneath all the things we store there,
I am not concerned enough to try and fix it.
Job well (enough) done I say!!


  1. Leah, you seriously rock! I haven't seen you guys forever, but I hope all is well. You are so crafty and I hope to be like you some day!

  2. Oh Ali, you are too sweet! We seriously have not seen you guys in ages, we'll have to get together soon!

  3. Oh good, post pics when you do for sure!


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