Snapshots from bed.

It hasn't stopped snowing in days.
All that phony spring that was hanging around last week is long gone.
I should be horribly devastated, but I'm not.
I'm kind of basking at this new chance at winter.
The pretty, fluffy, soft kind of winter we simply didn't get enough of over christmas break.
(The fact that we have an impending trip to myrtle beach on the horizon is also helping me cope.)
Also, will you look at the size of those flakes?
Some were the size of golf balls - Golf balls I tell you!!
All appearances indicate that what we initially thought were snow flakes were in fact large irregular chunks of cotton being chopped up and sent flying at random.
I imagine divine beings going crazy up there with some scissors.
I couldn't help myself from throwing my head back and staring up at the canopy of feathery flurries.
And then one landed on my eye and I was temporarily blinded.

So after all that falling all day yesterday, our nighttime view from the bed was a rather cozy one.
When I finally made it there, long after ryan had fallen asleep, I tried to convince myself that photography could wait until morning.
But (photo) opportunity waits for no man (or woman) so I grabbed ol' trusty and then accidently woke Ryan up with camera noises as I lay clicking from our bed.
His sleepy eyes squinted to see where I was pointing the lens.
"What's red out there?"
"The sky - go back to sleep."
And he promptly did. 


  1. Love it. It almost makes me miss the snow. (almost)

  2. Ha! Yes, poor you struggling with all that Arizona sun. :)


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