Needlepoint (of sorts) progress.

 This can hardly be qualified as needlepoint,
but the embroidery hoop frames this little makeshift potted plant just perfectly.

It's heavenly enjoying blossoms that need no watering and never die!

And a view of the whole collage -- so you can see how much progress we have made.


  1. love, love, love it! I still think the wee little mustache is my fav... although the tree silhouette is a close second. Where in the world did your pumpkin/apple go??? hahaha.

    Question: Would you guys like to go to the townhome meeting with us on April 28 and rip ol' Shannon Jolley a new one? That newsletter pushed me over the edge; oh the condescending! Maybe we can hit up Le Nonne after the meeting.

  2. Those embroidery hoops are SO CUTE on your wall! I love them. I never would have thought to do that but they are darling.

  3. Gee thanks. They were a brilliant solution to covering our hideous thermostat. :)

    Crystal, we had the exact same reaction to that newsletter! Oh man! We are so on board with making another appearance at the upcoming meeting.

  4. Baby's Breath! That's my wedding flower! Do you want to make 200 more so I can give them as favors? Haha, just kidding, it's unique and precious, and it should stay that way!

  5. Beth, I have been so obsessed with babies breath lately - I am so happy it is your wedding flower!! It will be so beautiful, and just perfect for a wedding!!


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