Busy is about the right word.

This past week I have:

Written 50 pages of final papers.

Finished spring semester.

Celebrated graduation with friends.

Helped other friends move.

Made & Mailed Mother's Day packages.

Purchased 11 pallets.

Began "project front patio".


Started summer semester.

All in one little week.

Can you understand why this blog has not been a priority?

(Also, can we please agree on a better replacement for the word blog?)


  1. how about 'cyber journal' or 'techno journal' or 'digital scrapbook' or how about just 'website'. Maybe I'll just start referring to my blog as my website, my own little domain...

    You HAVE been busy... are you too busy for a BBQ?

  2. We are never too busy for a BBQ!! I think I will start calling mine a... nope, I've got nothing.


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