A day in Wisconsin.

This could be any old day from our recent week in Wisconsin.
But it wasn't, it was a Tuesday.
A pretty near perfect Tuesday at that.
Play. Swim. Eat. Compete in games. Laugh hysterically. Repeat.
That was the basic gist of things.



lawnmower rides.

waiting for a turn on the lawnmower ride.

pushing & getting pushed.

endless whirlpools.

canon balls and sunbathing

the kiddie pool turned 'hot' tub.

poolside family dining.

amazing food.

hardcore jeep riding.
the boys took this very seriously.
but the pink barbie-mobile made it hard for anyone else to.

the driveway became backed up every evening around game time.

farkle outside, scum inside.

we take our game playing very seriously.


  1. Oh my heck- that looks like you guys had SO much fun!!! Glad to hear it. Plus, glad to have all the awesome Wisconsin treaties you guys brought back... :) he he he.

  2. We really really did. Family time is just the best! But we also need a nice healthy dose of Ostler time!!


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