A near perfect day.

If I could script a perfect day, it would look an awful lot like today.

starting with some morning farmers market browsing.
we arrived with exactly 8 dollars and walked away with an asiago baguette,
basket of red currants, and a small bunch of lavender.

our freshly purchased goods accompanied us to our newest favorite swimming spot,
where we interpreted the cows we passed along the way as good omens for the day that lay ahead.
ryan is, after all, a cow man.

our bounties were transformed into a lakeside picnic.
we feasted upon caesar salad, lemon herb chicken, afore mentioned baguette & currants,
and warm nectarines.

we spent the afternoon swimming across the lake to some ideal jumping cliffs.
we've braved them before, but today we simply watched from the safety of our floaties as others took the plunge.

and then we traversed back to our side of things for warm melty oreos
and a shared water bottle filled (by ry) with milk.

a currant fight ensued shortly thereafter. who initiated said fight is yet to be determined.

 followed by the perfection that is a late afternoon lakeside nap.

 made perfect with in the shade of a tree - or in our case an umbrella, which works equally well in a pinch. and that white stuff floating around? not snow but cotton from the surrounding cottonwoods.

and, par for the course, much picture taking of all the pretty things that surrounded us.

and our near-perfect day was capped off with the
making & then eating of fresh strawberry ice cream.


  1. Perfect day indeed! That sounds like the best!! :) You ventured up to Bear Lake finally?! We spent yesterday at costco :) finally got that membership!

  2. That does look like a perfect day! All your pcitures and descriptions are so beautiful it made me want to just jump right in the picture. Just wonderful.

  3. YAHOOOO. I couldn't be more excited for this week if I tried. Seriously. We are going to have the best day over and over again. YAHOOOO. Love you.

  4. most adventurous couple award ever! You guys are what I want to be... oh wait, what I WILL be in t minus 5 days. See you then!

  5. What a wonderfully perfect day! It looks heavenly.


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