Camping Extravaganza

Extravaganza because we went for three nights and in the company of a few dear friends.
It was our longest tent camping trip to date, and so much fun!

cliff jumping
card playing
camp fire-ing
s'more making

Coupled with good friends, these are the fail-proof ingredients for a delightfully good time.
So good in fact that we have determined to make this sort of friendly getaway an annual thing.


  1. WAHOOOO! That was one. fun. trip. Holy cow. Also, I look totally awesome in those pics. Ba ha. Plus, Penelope is the CUTEST little lamb I've ever seen. And Erik is a hunk. And Taylor smiled. And I'm still mad everyone skipped me in phase 10. I daresay you guys will NOT make that mistake again. I'll be mad. For reals. And, I'm sad we didn't skinny dip. Stupid Harrison Ford.

  2. annual trip indeed....except next time, Ostlers (aka Mindy) are not invited. (Mindy, let's have a truce, I won't skip you in Phase 10 if you don't ever un-invite us to our annual trip again. Deal?)

    Seriously Leah, best picture of Taylor EVER! Thank you for showing the world the real taylor, (and the real Crystal, belly rolls and all, hahah)

    Still laughing over those last two pictures. That blasted Mindy, always trying to make things complicated.

    Sorry for being such a "girl" and skipping out on our "dip"... but to be honest, I'm STILL freaked out about the underwater body and her open eyes. I think it's safe to say that put in the same circumstance, I would make the same decision again. BLAST YOU TAYLOR FOR REMINDING ME!!!


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