Pancetta waffles with peaches

A while ago Ryan and I tried out this fancy recipe
It's always so great having breakfast for dinner, because most breakfast foods eat like dessert.
And when you say breakfast for dinner instead of dessert for dinner, its funny how you can feel almost good about that decision.
So we whipped up a batch of these babies and some buttermilk syrup to go with them.
And they were to-die-for.
The only thing I'd do differently is save a little of that crispy pancetta to sprinkle on top. 
And I'd add a bit more to the mix too, we only had 4 slices.
I also think these waffles were strongly regretting the absence of some real whipped cream.
(Real whipping cream is practically a religion in our family.)
The addition of those juicy peaches almost had us convinced this meal was healthy.
Isn't it great how just throwing some fresh fruit into the mix can do that for you?

So as good as these look, just imagine the perfection that would be achieved with a dollop of whipped cream on top and a sprinkling of that crispy pancetta we talked about.
I do believe this calls for a re-do!


  1. next time you re-do, can we be invited!?!?!? PLEASE!?!?! These look divine, and almost make me question my dinner plans for tonight (cheesy vegetable soup).

    Hope Ryan is feeling better after his accident. Those blasted 4-wheelers! Whoever said that wrecking on a 4-wheeler is almost impossible is an idiot.

  2. Oh absolutely, we'll have to do a waffle night real soon! And ryan is getting more and more black and blue, which means that he is recovering nicely. :)


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