Christmas in the house.

Red is unexpectedly getting on my nerves this year.
You see, last Monday we put all our decorations up for the holiday.
And christmas stuff is basically genetically predisposed to include lots of red.
But after it was all out and up everything felt much too busy and overwhelming. 
It was seriously bugging me, so I downsized.
Only while packing away the unwanted's did I notice that they all happened to be red.
Funny how my preference for colors comes in phases.
Last year it was all about the red and brown.
This year it was mostly the gold & blue that survived.

After talking this through with my mom on the phone last night, it actually makes a lot of sense.
I don't know why it didn't register sooner.
Red is such a strong color, it energizes and stimulates.
With the kind of semester I have been having, extra stimulation is the last thing I need when I come home. No wonder lately I have been all about the calming peacefulness 
of the infinitely more relaxed blues & whites.
Sorry red, you just aren't what I need right now.
And I am loving our christmas decorations without you.
They are much simpler and more relaxed.


My newest favorite is that mini pinecone garland.
So easy & absolutely free.
These things make me love her even more. 


  1. Awesome stuff!!
    Merry Christmas to a "way cute" couple

  2. Your decorations are just too cute. thanks for sharing! And, I know you have probably mentioned this before and I just haven't read it, or maybe you don't want to share? But what kind of camera do you use? I'm in the market for a good one!

  3. I love your decorations! They are wonderfully calm and soothing and Christmas-y. Your house looks so cute!


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