The most delicious thing I've ever eaten. Ever.

Sometimes Ryan works late.
And then I get a craving for something sweet.
So I go in search of little cake recipes, find one, and use that recipe to christen our new ramekins.
- I baked these in the oven instead, and also added cardamom -
And then he comes home to a delightful creation like the one below.
Sometimes he stupidly asks what I've made it for.
(As if there needs to be an occasion for baking, layering, and frosting a delicate little cake,
and then sprinkling it with extra course sea salt! It's for us my dear.)
It's not going to look like much, this simple little cake, but it was perfection.
It's a spiced chocolate cake with a salted caramel buttercream.
Usually I'm not a huge fan of chocolate cake, they can be so boring. (not a chocolate spiced cake)
They can also be very dry. (this, my friends, was most definitely not!)
Words alone will never convince you of its immense moistness or perfectly dense texture.
My mouth is watering.


Tell me what you think about that...