Let the month of Love begin!

But I always think,
the best way to know God 
is to love many things.
-Vincent Van Gogh

The first time I read these words I was skimming a book of Mary Oliver poems.
I was snuggled down at the bookstore into one of those overstuffed chairs meant to ensnare customers.
 Those chairs where you can so easily lose all sense of time and reality.

And without any sort of preparation, I turned a page, and there were these words.
The same size and font as all the other words but from where I sat they were so much larger. 
They leapt off the page and landed straight in my brain.
And it is there they have remained these past couple weeks.

I can't shake or forget them.
I want to write them down using my favorite pen on lined paper, over and over again.
I want to blow them up as large as they looked to me on that page in the bookstore.
I want to read them every day and remind myself,
to love so many things.

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