A Brand New Month & Leap Day

We were married in March, so that is enough to make me endlessly adore this month.
It's also the month that heralds in spring, which is always a welcome arrival.
Todays date is looking pretty darn good from here.

Yesterday we spent leap day in our usual way but with the addition of a crazy snow storm blowing in.
Naturally we attributed this, and anything else out of the ordinary, to the craziness that comes from an extra day in the year.
"Must be leap day!" we'd say, with a knowing look.
We also attended the fifth birthday celebration of our darling neighbor, where she introduced us to all the other littles as her grown-up friends. Adorable.
I know it only comes around once every four years, but I am dyeing to start some sort of leap year traditions to commemorate, does anyone do anything fun or out of the ordinary?
It seems like such a mischievous sort of day.

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