Where we Stayed in New Mexico

It's not very often that you stay at a place that completely changes your perspective on everything and how you view your entire life and all your future goals.
This place did that.
Now all I want to do in life is to start a lavender farm, raise goats and peacocks, and live entirely off the land.
Maybe rent a room or two out on the side.
Is that too much to ask?

The large wooden doors you enter upon arrival.
They lead you through this gorgeous courtyard and into the front office for check in.
All this is part of the original structure and is apparently one of the oldest standing buildings in Albuquerque. 

Our back porch with some fresh rosemary of course.
We watched them pick it fresh to serve on our breakfast.
I felt as though somebody had unknowingly tapped into my brain (or my interest account) and recreated just exactly the sort of room I want to live in forever. 
Everything was delightful.
The wood burning fireplace. The petite fire tools. The extra deep bathtub. The kitchenette. The waffle robes.
I loved it all. 
So we spent the first hour or so just basking in the goodness of the place, walking around, exploring, and exclaiming just how wonderful every little detail was, and the second hour trying to capture it all on film.
It didn't work.
These pictures do not do this place justice. Not even a little bit. 

Even there in-room snacks were adorable.
All the yummiest and cutest things.
And tea cups, of course there were teacups.
And fresh ground coffee in the most adorable little jar.
If we were coffee drinkers I am sure we would have loved this extra little detail. 

The bathroom had cement floors.
You have no idea how much I adore cement floors.
It was like these rooms were designed with me in mind.

A fresh sprig of lavender tucked ever so neatly into the folds of our toilet paper. Charming!
And we got lavender toiletries.
Even the water glasses and jars with q-tips and cotton balls were adorable.
I wanted to take them home with me.
And an embroidered fabric bag to house the hair dryer. Naturally.
Oh, and they had a little shop.
It was called the farm shop.
It was filled with all sorts of lavender goods, and cooking things, and little pretties imported from france.
I could have dropped a lot of money in there.
It was a good thing we saved this till the last day and imposed a spending limit of whatever we had leftover from our trip budget in cash.
And then we spent some time at the little barn.
Visiting with the animals and basking in the gloriousness of such a place.
It is also where I discovered that a 1-month old goat is approximately the same size as a small chicken.
I almost died and wanted to take this wee goat home with us that very instant. 

 this is also where ryan tangled a calf.
Is that what they call it when you throw the rope over their heads? 
I wouldn't know, but he was pretty dang good at it, whatever it is called.
Have I mentioned the peacocks?
They were seen sauntering across the bocce court in the morning.
Walking the roof tops in the afternoons.
Sleeping high up in the trees at night.
Casually passing by outside the windows as we ate breakfast.
Bliss I tell you, bliss!

On our last night we ordered take out and ate in next to the roaring fire that we stoked using dried lavender fire starters. Our entire room smelled like lavender. We ate on the sofa wearing the complementary robes and basking in the warm glow of the roaring fire and our own contentment.
Have I mentioned that I love it here?
It felt like a destination in and of itself.
What with the farm tours, biking trails, restaurant, shop, pond, swimming pool, bocce, tennis, and badminton courts and outdoor fireplaces & patios galore.
I'd go back here without seeing anything else in New Mexico.
If I wasn't already married I'd plan my wedding events around this very place.
I want to host family reunions and corporate retreats here.
I'd go here for girls trips, romantic getaways, or even just all by myself to get away and think.
I miss it already.

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