New Mexico

After a 5 day whirlwind anniversary trip, we are back.
Back to our house, and work, and telephones, and computer, and blog.
All of which are strictly forbidden on anniversary trips.
It's been indescribably nice to get away together, and now it's indescribably nice to be back home.
I'm of the mind that when life is good - as it should be - coming home is just as exciting as going away. 
Ryan calls it our post-vacation high, but I am pretty sure it just means we have it pretty good here. 
So we are back, and I don't know what to say but that we had a wonderful time.
For years Ryan was dragging his feet on the idea of spending any vacation time in New Mexico. 
His argument was that it was the armpit of the country.
Luckily his stance drastically changed this year and he became really excited about spending time in said armpit.
I'm so glad he did, because even the armpit has it's charms.
Nope, I don't even think even he'd call it that anymore, it deserves better. 
It was both beautiful and enchanting. 
Which may just be how it earned itself the tittle of land of enchantment
Did you know it was called that? We had no idea.
That's the claim on the welcome to New Mexico sign and all the license plates. 
We were skeptical at first, but it really is.
Let me see if I can convince you.


  1. yep, I was totally on Ryan's side before your pictures; armpit of the nation. Now, it might just be like the elbow or something....

    Just kidding, I'm totally enchanted

  2. That is my home!!!! We always said it was the land of enchantment because it had to enchant you before you realized it was beautiful! So glad you enjoyed it. I love all those pictures. Ahh, home.

  3. I have been waiting for these photos! Love these... Can you post more?

  4. Okay, you convinced me that it isn't said "armpit"! What a beautiful place - I had no idea! :)


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