Stuff we ate in New Mexico

So. much. food.
And spicy everything.
Green chilis on burgers, in scrambled eggs, atop steak, and smothered over anything wrapped in a tortilla. 
I have a new appreciation for how great a little (or really really big) kick of spice can be.

And the inn we accommodated served the most delectable breakfasts.
All their produce was grown on site in a green house.
Eggs were hatched by their very own chickens.
Milk and cheese harvested and made courtesy of the jersey cow out back.
There are no words.

And when we travel we always check out a few hot spots featured on the food network. 
It's always fun to try fare that you have seen cooked, served, and enjoyed on national television.

We lunched on PBJ's most days so as to splurge on a few amazing restaurants.
Some highlights:

the picnic we scavenged from farmers market buys.
Heirloom tomato, garlic herb flat bread, goat cheese, and a new-to-us fruit called uniq. 
(a mix between a grapefruit & a tangerine... I think)

a diners drive-ins and dives find where we ordered both of Guy Fieri's recommendations.
We also ate delicious Guy recommended Mexican food here, and hot as fire green chili burgers here, but despite what the pictures below might have you believe, we did not photograph every single meal.

I got the chicken fried tuna. Amazing!
The Israeli couscous was spicy beyond belief, but also by far the very creamiest and most delicious I've ever had.
It was served with wasabi guacamole and ginger tartar sauce. Everything was perfection.

Ryan got the bacon meatloaf with mashed potatoes. Meh!
We were both completely (and surprisingly, because doesn't it sound great?!) underwhelmed with this dish.
I think they forgot about salt & pepper when preparing it. Or maybe they ran out.

Almond cherry & lime coconut shakes for dessert.

And it should be noted they serve the warmest & softest little loaf with an orange herb butter.

breakfast always began with a little dish of fruit and a bread of the day, above is an orange poppy seed.

 There was a sweet and a savory breakfast option, we made sure to order one of each daily so as to sample both.
I don't think there was anything served that we didn't love.
Above are the ricotta pancakes with real maple syrup. Oh, and the fresh house made apple juice.
 This was basically a tomato based breakfast soup.
It had potatoes, turnips, tomatoes, and was sprinkled with feta and rosemary they picked right outside our door that very morning, we saw them do it!
And just witness the perfection of those poached eggs. Very few things are better than a perfectly cooked egg.
It was served with a warm tortilla and bacon, always a side of bacon.

These were blintzes filled with lavender scented cottage cheese atop orange marmalade.
How come I have never before thought to fill a blintz or crepe with cottage cheese? So good.

 And some toasted sourdough topped with a veggie bruschetta comprised of kale, carrots, and mushrooms with over easy eggs and bean sprouts. This morning freshly squeezed O.J. was the drink of the day.
And a house granola was available to all. Could this place have more lip-smackingly delicious food? 
I mean look at all those colors below!

Basically we ate like kings.


  1. YUMMY! All of it. It makes me want to go there... and eat!

  2. I love that you have a whole post dedicated to what you ate on your trip! You are a girl after my very own heart, Leah! :)

    It looks amazingly delicious.


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