Our Weekend

Her tongue is out in nearly every picture. It's killing me.
This girl knows how to play hard!

We baby-sat this hilarious tyke on Friday.

Ryan, for the last time, spent his saturday doing homework.
I cleaned and watched Law & Order re-runs. I think I am addicted. 

And we took a 3 hour nap together, skyped old friends, and talked to family all Sunday long. 
It was all gloriously lazy!


  1. hahaha, oh my gosh these are awesome! Her tongue IS out in every picture. I can not even tell you how much fun she had with you guys, she has talked about it every day since. Thank you a million times over. I always know that she is in good hands when she gets to "play" with her "friends" Leah and Ryan.

  2. so cute! Leah, you are seriously the best! So sweet of you and Hazel to have a play date :) you are amazing. and thanks for skyping us, it was SO good to catch up. we (still) miss you two! :)

  3. I love the tongue out! Too cute! p.s. We need to skype!

  4. We had so much fun with her too. She is such a funny little thing. And kera, a Skype would be so fun!


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