Oh! How We Celebrated!

We observed the graduates at commencement - pretending to be among them - then changed into clothes more befitting the deliciously sunny spring afternoon we found ourselves in.
We stopped at 7-11 for slurpies, cranked up some tunes, and booked it to celebration town (aka: salt lake city)

We dined al fresco at Franck's, where we literally felt like the only people on the planet, or at least at the restaurant, and exchanged gifts.
Not only did our wrapping unintentionally match, but turns out we both bought each other early similar graduation presents - event tickets. 
Ryan's tickets were to a ReAL game the following night, mine were to Wicked later this summer. 
It's hard to say which we were most excited about.

Cinco de Mayo brought a to-die-for breakfast at Ruth's, exploration of the new city creek center, being treated to a celebratory movie (thanks Rick), and our first ever soccer match.
Soccer is pretty much our new favorite spectator sport, it was beyond amazing.
It was kinda insane with all the flags and singing, I felt like we were at a real live quidditch game.
And this song has been stuck in my head ever since.

And Sunday? It was spent in pure recuperation mode from all the earlier celebrating.


  1. celebration in the cutest way possible of course! congrats a million times over to you both!!

  2. sounds like so much fun!! Love ReAL and love Wicked, what a great way to celebrate! Congratulations!!!! Wish we could have been there.

  3. Thanks you guys, it was a wonderful way to celebrate!!


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