Baby Mac

We have a fun and busy weekend ahead. 
We'll be picnicking up at deer valley listening to an outdoor concert with some dear friends 
who also happen to be family. Lucky us!
Oh and of course the Olympics. Happy opening day of the olympics!
So I leave you with some adorable photos of baby Macarthur's first day in the world.
We love his parents so much he is practically a nephew.

I just love his scrunched up old man face here!


  1. i love love love these pictures!!! they are perfect. you are so the best. we love you!!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! How I wish you could have been here when Havyn was born!!

  3. your pictures are always so beautiful leah, always. you captured his brandnewborn (i totally just made that up) beauty so perfectly. and what an adorable little boy!

  4. Such adorable pictures. I have always wished I had a photographer in the hospital to capture all those first special moments with my babies. You are so very talented.


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