Our Weekend

1. Made laundry detergent
A new batch of laundry detergent was long overdue. So I made our favorite and then felt compelled to spend my saturday washing a whole pile of laundry. 

It honestly never even crossed my mind to make laundry detergent until I first stumbled across the idea here. Now I feel like such a schmuck for ever paying $15+ for the store bought stuff. It's not just because it's cheaper (which it is) but it's so pretty (hello flecks of yellow) and doesn't smell detergent-y, which I love. It has a delightful lemon scent going in, but your clothes smell nothing but clean coming out, which is just how I like them! 

This double batch costs $9 and lasts just over a year. It's crazy I tell you! You only need a single tablespoon of detergent per load. Plus its fun to make. Grating the fels-neptha soap using our cheese grater feels therapeutic. And then I pulse it in the food processor because its fun (I love using a food processer) and creates a smaller, faster dissolving size. I double the recipe and use:

2 cups borax
2 cups arm and hammer super washing soda
2 bars fels-neptha soap

2. Saw Wicked
We don't mind being last on the bandwagon for stuff like this, it builds the anticipation I say. So we were plenty excited for our first glimpse at Wicked. 

Discussing our favorite parts afterward Ryan said: "It's so fun being sung to". I wholeheartedly agree. But my favorite thing is the atmosphere. I love the excitement of being at a live performance, and all the people all dressed up, eager and enthusiastic about the very same thing. The cheering, clapping, standing ovation excitement, I love it. 

That and waking up this morning with all the songs running through my head, I've been humming them all day. 

3. Our first taste of the copper onion
Best cheese plate ever. Homemade pasta. Wagyu beef. Burger cooked to order. Cardamom bread pudding with ricotta. Amazing, every morsel!

4. Bed at 8:30

I can't remember the last time I was both tired enough and able to go to bed so early. But the fates smiled down on us,  the stars aligned, and it was divine!


  1. I love Wicked! Needless to say I'm a little jealous. And that food looks divine. Also, I'm super impressed with the laundry soup.

  2. HA, I mean soap not soup. That was stupid....I'm tired.

  3. Oh I have been meaning to make laundry detergent, mine old expensive kind is almost gone, I need to do this! So glad to see that someone I know tried it and loves it!! Thanks for sharing. So happy for you that you got to see Wicked, totally jealous. Don't you love listening to and singing all the songs?! The best music. Oh and I love that Ryan said, "I love being sung to!" :) so funny. i've never thought about it before, but I do too :)


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