My 31st

It seems like a lifetime ago that I celebrated and turned a year older. But it wasn't and I did. Friends threw a BBQ birthday bash a couple days before. Ryan spoiled me with breakfast in bed as per usual. And the day of we were super lucky to have my baby sister and her boyfriend here.

We dined al fresco on more pasta and bruschetta than you can shake a stick at, played games, opened a few little gifts, and ate the orange chocolate cake ryan made for me but let me frost because it is my favorite part of cakes. Next to eating them of course.

It was good times all the way around. Neighboring friends (Obergs, you completely still count as neighbors) and my little sissy made the day extra memorable. But you wanna know what my very favorite birthday memory is? You are going to think I'm weird!

My favorite part of my birthday this year was hands down the night before. Ryan had  cleaned the entire house while I soaked away in the tub upstairs with the smell of my favorite bubble bath mingling with the clean fresh scent of pinesol and the aroma of the warm chocolate cake baking in the oven below. It was all so cozy and happy it felt as good as christmas. Maybe a little better.

I think these three things shall from here on out be the truest hallmarks of a perfect birthday. Clean house. Uninterupted bath. Delicious cake. All made better in the company of my sweet.

But the pretty flowers and tasty cinnamon bears and little gifties didn't hurt either!

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  1. Love! What a great birthday!! Completely...almost compares to mexico! (And Switzerland!) You are just traveling the world!! Miss you! Seriously, skype? anytime. if you need to vent, bounce ideas, etc. we can talk for 10 min or 10 hours! You choose. Also, is ryan there yet?!


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