A Small Taste

...of what life is like here in Switzerland.

why oh why did I not turn in a full circle for this video? I am kicking myself for not taking video of the 360, because on our other side is the river criss-crossed with bridges and lined with a market just being set up. 

These church bells rang like this for a full 20 minutes. I couldn't tear myself away. 
Ryan finally said "let's go" and I said "I can't! I'm so scared I will never again see anything this beautiful for the rest of our lives." That's exactly how I felt. 
And then that afternoon the hills of northern Switzerland happened and suddenly my favorite place to be was no longer the lakeside sunrise of Lucern, but the green fields and trickling brook of a farmers field. And my favorite sound was no longer the ringing bells of a nearby cathedral, but the subtler softer sound of cowbells gently jingling in the distance.

if you turn up the volume you can faintly hear what was so loud and clear for us then. (cow bells. heaven.)
also, of course I start recording as soon as one solitary car passes by. 

The only reason I can unabashedly post these is because I blatantly refuse to admit that I sound like this. 
I am blaming it fully on the poor quality of my digital devise. 

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