Swiss Fondue Party

It was inevitable really, that this should be on our Christmas party menu this year.
Because what better alternative to the cheaply made typical souvenirs than dipping stuff in hot, stringy cheese and warm, melty chocolate?
It was such a fun way to bring a bit of Switzerland back with us for our friends (who feel more like family) to try!


And the aftermath.


  1. First of all- wrong picture Leah! You didn't put the one where my hair was over BOTH of my shoulders, hahaha. Second- Taylor's faces in these pictures are cracking me up. Third- This party was AMAZING! I really don't think I've eaten that much food in a long time. And I loved the ambiance. Who says the townhomes can't be elegant and fancy. Again, I'm so glad we're friends, I love being a part of all of your fun.

  2. crystal, I am so sorry. How could i have possibly messed that up?! Pictures of Taylor are always the very best, I'm glad we got a few gems. I am so glad we are friends too, thanks again for coming, we had the best time!!

  3. I can't get over how amazing this party was! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful treats with us!!

  4. Leah, we just had a Swiss fondue party too!! How funny! For christmas (the Germane's do an early gift exchange) we got a fondue pot, Swiss fondue recipe, and all the ingredients (aged gruyère and emmentaler included! What cheese did you use? I want to try others) for an authentic fondue from our Swiss/German bro-in-law, who also served his mission in Switzerland. It's been years since I've had fondue, so I couldn't help but laugh at the coincidence. We also did a chocolate fondue with toblerones... Definitely recommended.


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