This is my mantra this year. 
I will repeat these words slowly and deliberately anytime I am faced with my deep ingrown tendency to want everything to be perfect. 
This, I have come to realize, is my greatest enemy in accomplishment. 
Goals, projects, organization, there are examples everywhere I look -- around our house and on our computer -- of things that have yet to be perfected, and so instead are simply left undone. 

With that in mind, our goal this year is to be gadget free after 6:00pm.
Nothing electronic after six, or all day every Sunday. 
(with the exception of phone calls)
With this new acceptance of less than perfect results, and hopefully extra time in the evenings, 
2013 is shaping up to be the year of getting things done! 
That is the goal anyways.
Wish us luck!


  1. i've decided to take Saturdays off from the computer. so far so great. i spent a couple of hours in the bath reading a book i got for christmas, went to yoga class and cooked a meal from scratch. maybe it wasn't the most productive use of time but my weekend felt so much more restful than usual.

    hope it goes well for you too.

    1. Oh, your saturday sounds like perfection! That is exactly what I am hoping for, more baths, more reading, more yoga, more cooking. It is more difficult than I anticipated though, are you finding the same?!


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