Baby Shower of my Dreams

Minted is a delightful online paper goods store.
I love almost everything they do. 
And I used their website to create what would be my dream baby shower.
It would be a couples shower gender reveal dinner party.
Italian food, of course.
And a delicious cake to cut into with it's color announcing the gender to all.
Simple invites, simple colors (green & white - how perfect, right?), and simple fare.
But basically just an excuse for a fun night with friends and family to celebrate an upcoming little one.
A lovely sit down dinner with amazing food and friends, giving us all a chance to really connect, and really talk, and really celebrate little ones upcoming arrival in an intimate and casual way. 
Maybe someday.
But for now this is just in the hopes of winning a little contest they are hosting.
My fingers are crossed really hard, because, like I said, I love almost everything they do!!
And I really need want need some custom stationary.
Wish me luck.


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    1. Ha! Oh Mindy, you're the best! But this is in no way an announcement. :)


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