Valentines Day

Ryan is sick. 
Kinda' disappointing and lame on Valentines Day.
So I've been trying to focus on all the love and fun we've had on Valentine's Day of years past.

And by reliving our first Valentine's Day together seven years ago.
We both wanted to plan a surprise so we each took a day to plan our own thing to avoid any overlap, for example, both planning a surprise dinner or breakfast or something.  
I took the day before V-day, and he got the real day.

Mine consisted of a candlelight lobster dinner in the basketball court below our soon to be first home.
(This makes sense only once you understand I was nannying for a family and lived in their guest house which was perched above a huge garage turned into a basketball court.)
It was the first time either of us tried lobster.
We both determined we prefer crab.
 And then we shot some hoops in what I remember being a rather competitive game of one on one. 
For gifts I bought him some snorkel gear and other fun beach stuff to be used on our upcoming hawaiian honeymoon.

Then he blew me out of the water the following night with rose petal candlelit pathways up the stairs, and bouquets of flowers, and Chinese food ordered in, and loads more candles that were making it feel all sorts of romantic in our tiny dining room.
His gift was a custom frame with our wedding invitation which now hangs proudly in our dining room.
And when I went to bed later that night I also found some more sneaky flowers on my nightstand and a heart shaped box of chocolates hiding beneath my pillow. 
And I knew he was a keeper!
Because seriously, how much time and planning did that all take?

I don't think we have any pictures of either of these nights. 
I wish we did. 

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