Year of the Snake

Yesterday was Chinese New Year. 
And today is the first day of the year of the snake. 
We used this as a delightful excuse to have friends over and eat loads of delicious food.

The orange blossom drink was insane!
The fried rice was perfection. 
The beef of beef and broccoli was the most tender I have ever had.
And the pot stickers could have been a meal all on their own, they were seriously that good.
The coconut sticky rice with mangoes was pretty insane too.
Let me tell you, our friends can cook!

And now we only have about 21 cups of leftover jasmine rice in our fridge. 
(Ryan may have over shot it a little bit on the rice)

The kidlets turned this kraft paper table into a real Picasso-esque work of art by the end of dinner.
And then I think Kung Fu Panda held their attention for at least another ten minutes after that. 

 I need to make a more diligent effort at getting pictures with adult humans in them during our get togethers.
It always just sort of happens that once we get together we get much too busy talking, and laughing, and eating to actually care. 

Also, just go ahead and pretend you didn't notice how un-ironed my tablecloth is.


  1. You are such a great entertainer! I love all your table settings and the little details
    You always include. Love it.

    1. Aw nance, thank you. If I could throw dinner parties for a living I definitely would! :)

  2. Such a fun night! I LOVED your ginger beef. Delicious.


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