Our Weekend

Type found on pinterest long ago, if you know who the creator is please let me know so I can pass on all credit. 

June really barreled in out of nowhere!

Friday we snuck some of the worlds best gyros (I hope you are pronouncing that right) into the theatre.
We love sneaking in our own much more delicious food. So that way even if the movie is terrible, which this one definitely is, it's still an enjoyable experience.
And then we went home early to clean our house and do some laundry.
Cause, you know, sometimes even that makes for a pretty awesome date night.
Which was interrupted when our good friends had to rush to the hospital with their adorable baby and we sped over to babysit their oldest.
Which was scary, probably much more for them, but luckily all turned out all right. Thank goodness!

Saturday our young friend from Switzerland moved here and we helped her get settled in.
We squeezed a paper-bag-picnic in the park and some cleaning in.
And then we brought her home and ate tacos, lounged in our hammocks, and walked over to Aggie Ice Cream for some of Utahs finest frozen cream.

Sunday I wrestled out some prints of our Relief Society newsletter at church that simply were not cooperating.
On which I included my latest favorite thought - included for your viewing pleasure above - which we have dubbed our family theme for the month of June!
And then there were naps in the hammocks, phone calls to family, cooking, and then friends and their cute kids over for dinner.
Which remains a standing invitation for as long as they continue to bring with them the worlds most delicious brownies!

Not bad for the first weekend of a month that still feels like hasn't arrived yet.


  1. I will always bring brownies. :) I love getting together. Looking forward to even more fun with you two this summer.

    1. Oh good, we will always accept brownies! And we love having your cute family close for these fun summer things too!!

  2. First of all, I just can't tell you how much we love you guys and appreciate you being there for uin Friday. Second, I'm so sad we couldn't make it on Sunday. I was dreaming about those haystacks all day, especially because we didn't even get to eat dinner. I was starving all night and dreaming of haystacks while eating birthday cake at 5:30. Lets start up our Sunday dinners again, and when are we camping? Did we pin down a weekend yet?

    1. Um, we love that you guys called us! seriously. We would do anything for you Obergs. And you were missed on Sunday, adn we should definitely start that weekly rotation up again. We miss having you guys close and seeing you all the time.

  3. It all sounds delightful. You Manage to make every little thing into something to cherish. Which is how it should be! And, Love! the quote.

    1. Aw, sweet. I love that quote too. Sometimes it feels like you have to cling to that ground for dear life just to not slip backwards again doesn't it?


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