This Time Last Year

It's Ryan's birthday weekend. 
(We're kicking it off with a Friday night birthday dinner out with friends) 
But I keep thinking about how last year we spent his birthday in Switzerland, which was obviously insanely cool. 
This time last year we were driving the 3 hours to Bern and staying overnight in a hostel across the street from the temple. 

 reflection pictures, a couples best chance at photo's together without asking strangers to take it.
This time last year we were introduced to tuna pizza. It was terribly awful. We thought it was shredded chicken at first and were sorely disappointed to discover our mistake. I think it's the only European pizza neither of us would eat after the first bite. But the cake was insanely good and more than made up for oily tuna mouth.

This time last year I also had to get really creative about birthday stuff.
Post-it notes did double duty as a little birthday decoration and card (each note had a favorite European memory with Ryan written on it) and my wrapping paper was colored sheets of regular paper decorated using a date stamp and tied up with rubber bands. 
It was all very festive I assure you!

This time last year we also rode scoot-scoot downtown for some authentic Swiss fondue.
Yep, in this cute little place.

This time last year we also woke up Sunday to the above view from our room, snuck away for an afternoon hike and picnic before snuggling into bed and watching conference in bed at 6:00 and 10:00 pm respectively due to the time difference. It made it all very fun and exciting to stay up so late to watch conference.

Guys, parmesan and honey!! They eat it all the time over there and it's my new favorite treat. Go buys some and try it today! Oh and that hazelnut blueberry tart was one of our favorite treats we ate in Switzerland. We still maintain hopes of recreating it.

So basically how on earth am I ever going to top last year's birthday celebrations? Yeesh!
Living in Switzerland has practically ruined every-day life for us.
Europe or no Europe, Ryan you are my favorite companion for every stretch of our life together and I'll never love celebrating anything as much as I love celebrating it with you.
Happy Birthday my love... in 2 days!


  1. So fun! Loved looking at last years pictures. Happy Birthday Ryan!

  2. So it couldn't be topped this year, but at least we could reminisce on the rock-star lifestyle we lived last year. :)


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