A little slice of penny-pie!

I can't get over the perfection of this flawless complexion, these adorably chubby one-year-old rolls, and unbelievable blue eyes. You know, I think I'd keep her if I could manage a way to do it without ruining my friendship with her mom. And I must say, she makes for simply scrumptious lens candy!
I had a dickens of a time trying to narrow down a few sneak-peaks for her parents.




  1. I can totally see where you'd have a problem, wow she is gorgeous!

    My fave is the white undershirt and her kissy lips.

  2. Love. Love. Love. You are awesome. She is beautiful. Quite the team, I'd say... :) Can't wait to see you sooooon!!!! Seriously, thanks so much for these AMAZING pics.

  3. She is indeed quite the gorgeous little thing. I love that particular picture too Liz! And Mind, you know you are welcome!

  4. What great pictures! They are gorgeous, and so is she! You did a great job of capturing her cuteness, Leah! :)

  5. Leah, you are so talented. This is just the kind of blog post that makes me wish I was your best friend :-) You have great taste and these photos are very classic! Of course your model is beautiful too! Let me kow if you ever need more children models- and happen to be in Wyoming. hehehe


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