No words!

There are no words for how delicious this snack is.
If you are my husband you will find it incredibly weird.
If you are me you will be consumed with daydreams of this tasty morsel.

I originally dreamed it up while siting through one of my 3 hour night classes.
It runs right through dinner time, so I am basically always hungry during said class.
And I was distracted by the thought of how very delicious cottage cheese sounded at that very moment.
And how cottage cheese is always better with fruit.
And that we just happened to have some juicy strawberries sitting in our fridge that required eating.
And then I thought what a delicious substitute for butter cottage cheese would make.
On one of those whole grain english muffins I picked up this week.
Toasted so it was really dark and crunchy.
And then slathered in that creamy cottage cheese.
And then I could even be adventurous and slice those strawberries right on top.
Like a makeshift butter & jam ensemble.
And that train of thought (don't ask me why) got me to thinking about strawberry spinach salad.
And how very delicious that was.
And, glory be, I remembered we had some spinach.
I could add that right into the mix!
And why not?

These are the thoughts that got me through 6 oral presentations on an empty stomach.
And that propelled me all over campus, through the cemetery, and down the street to home.
Where I burst upon Ryan making a regular dinner of chicken and rice.
But I declined, because this was on my mind.
And I whipped it up, much to his dismay.
And at the very last second I knew, I just knew, that cinnamon would make it perfect.
I sprinkled a touch right on top.
And a little sea salt.
(Cause everything is better with a little sea salt.)
And it was perfection indeed!
A delicacy, I dare-say.

I think I shall have it again for breakfast.
And maybe also for lunch.
I hope those english muffins hold out!

I can't be the only one salivating right now!


  1. I love this idea! Try doing the english muffin, cottage cheese, and honey... it's delicious, I promise!!

  2. The cottage cheese is not my fave thing, so I would switch for goat cheese and all that other delight! going to get me some english muffins today!! Thanks!

  3. oh leah, your ingenuity kills me! Especially because when I come up with crazy concoctions, they always taste terrible. I'm so jealous that yours are always a masterpiece.

    If you love cottage cheese (and even if you didn't) you should really try dipping potato chips into cottage cheese. Oh baby, best snack ever! I prefer the kettle cooked sharp cheddar chips, or BBQ, but I'm sure any flavor would work.

  4. mmm, can't wait to try all these suggestions. In the mean time go and make this. And I'll try not to say I told you so. :)


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