It looks like rain.

Proof that the rainy & cold trend persists here in Logan.
It's easy to get bummed out with all this rain.
Instead I like to think how lush and green everything in Utah will look after moisture overload.
At least for like 1/2 a second until this state comes to it's senses and remembers that it is in fact a desert.
I have a suspicion that in a few short months, given the fact that we don't have any air conditioning,
we'll be begging for these cooler temperatures to make an appearance.
For now cool temperatures will at least make sanding these pallets outdoor benches a much less sweaty weekend chore tomorrow.
And also give us a wonderful excuse to cheap out on our date night stay in and watch a movie tonight.

C'est la vie!


  1. oh leah! i understand...it is kind of depressing! when can we come over again?! I say a weekend, then maybe we wont have a curfew :)

  2. definitely! You guys know you have a standing invitation to come play, right? Rain or shine!


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