Macaroni & Cheese

Photo shamelessly grabbed here

photo shamelessly grabbed here

This, my friends, is the yummiest (and healthiest) macaroni and cheese I have ever eaten! 
It's insanely good and I have two pans of it sitting in my freezer right now.
I take no credit for the recipes, only for the brilliant idea of combining two of them to form perfection. 
(they are both delicious on their own, but somehow even better and more delicious together)

I use two parts Rachael Rays Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese (Note: I used fresh butternut squash and roast it. Also, the thyme in here is so so good) to one part Lindsey's Healthy (cauliflower) Alfredo, (to which I add parmesan cheese. I also sprinkle some over the pasta before serving.) 

This triple combination makes a lot of pasta, which I love. 
Because it's nowhere near as easy as throwing a kraft packet on the stove.
So I'm happy to put in extra work and have tons leftover to freeze and eat throughout the month, especially as it gets colder outside.
But you could just as easily 1/2 the cauliflower recipe and use one full recipe of the squash.
It will still make a lot, trust me.

You definitely have to tell me if you try this.
And just try and convince me it doesn't change your life!


  1. I speak for lessons on how to make this when you are here...! It looks like a delicious breakfast right about now.


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