Farewell Petey!

Last month we said goodbye to my brother Peter who left for Leeds England to serve an LDS mission for two years. (He's the handsome chap in the back right corner)

Everyone except Ryan made it home, and even though it was just a week I was surprised by how much I missed him. Much fun was had as we enjoyed adventures in Waterton, midnight games of beckon-beckon, and, of course, a huge family dinner. Goodbye Elder Remington!


  1. Leah, Have I ever told you how beautiful you are.....seriously you are sooooo stunning. Everytime I am on facebook or perusing blogs and a picture of you pops up I am speachless again as to how great you look. Just thought I would let you know!!

    Love ya

  2. oh gale, that is the sweetest thing. seriously, especially coming from you.

    and kelly, yes, i have the best family ever! {i know everyone thinks that, but we're all right!}


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