The Screwtape Letters

There are very few books I have read more frequently or enjoyed more thoroughly than The Screwtape Letters. Currently I am on my sixth read. I was introduced to this book by my aunt Laurel, who gifted me my first copy for my thirteenth birthday. Since then I have accumulated two other copies, and I have kept all three because they get marked up so quickly.

Trying to explain all the reasons I love this book would take too long, but one of the many reasons is because C.S. Lewis exposes, and therefore diminishes, some of Satan’s greatest tools, and I love that!

Let me know what your experiences are reading it; I would love to hear what you think!


  1. It's funny, every time I see this book I think of you!
    So good to hear from you. Did you move to California?

  2. a classic, i too, LOVE it!!! i miss you leah, one day, we will play again, and it wont be over ironing shirts on the way to church. how lame!! you were so kind that day i love you!! thank goodness we are a little more under control these days, sheesh. what other C.S Lewis classics have you read??


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