Christmas Anniversary!

Just when you think all signs of Christmas have come and gone, we commemorate its one month anniversary with our pictures of a Wisconsin Christmas. At long last, here you have it.
The Milwaukee skating rink with Rose, Rick & Dan

Ice Skating - if that's the definition that shuffling around on the ice falls into.

Shovelling snow

Playing in the snow

Sledding with uncle Ryan . . . kinda!

Toppling over . . .

And a happy recovery!
(One of the cutest things about Emily is every time she falls over or gets hurt she says something like "I'm alright grandma." or "It's okay Ryan." or "I'm fine." with a huge grin on her face. Adorable!)

Grilling steaks in the snow. It was so worth it!

The delicious aftermath!

The Bronze Fonzie in Milwaukee

So spectacular we had to visit it twice!

Our new favorite restaurant, the safe house.

Full of secret rooms and passageways.
Even the youngest cousins were involved in our full day wii tournament.

Naturally, that also involved tons of food.

For Christmas Ryan and I decided to make most of our gifts, so I made him a neck warmer and knitted a cover for it.

I also created silouttes of Ryan and I and framed them.
Ryan wrote me the sweetest letter with his testimony among other thing. These were definitely our favorite gifts to both give and receive.

The girls got the cutest Vera Wang slippers from "Santa"

Rick and Nathan, so cute and happy together.
Christmas Eve at the local pageant while cousin Patrick plays the organ.
Merry Christmas! Could I have a bigger or faker smile?
Playing Santa to Emily & Nathan. (ie: setting out their gifts while they were away)
Grandpa Marchant handing out piles of gifts on Christmas day to all the family.

Diligent cookie decorating! I think this was Ryan's highlight of the whole trip :)

Our favorite cookie, hands down, was the . . .

Oriental snowman!

Nathan is quite possibly the happiest and most content child ever!

How cute are these two bathing in the kitchen sink!

Emily refreshing herself.

Grandpa Marchant trying on and loving Ricks' Michael Jordan's

Setting up for the Christmas feast.

After 51 years, look how happy they still are together!

Dan and Rose looking just as happy!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. I love it! I'm so glad you posted your Christmas pictures! It makes me want to do the same..... lol we never made it to it. OK I'm going to!

  2. How fun Leah, its never too late for Christmas pictures! You look so cute in all them :) I must say, I do love the oriental Snowman....very original!

  3. Thanks Jer, we thought so :)

  4. leah!!! you cutie patootie! i love your pics. i have been such a slacker with my blog i really need to update that thing. you and Ryan are so cute. thanks for being our friends!!!

  5. Your welcome Lithie! No, really, it is our pleasure. Thanks for saviing us seats at the theatre the other night, next tim we'll have to go together! :)

  6. hey, thanks for the nice comment! you guys look like such fun!! and i love all these snowy photos! ugh. i wish there were snow in the city right now.

    have a wonderful week!



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