All of our wildest dreams came true when Ryan received the classic game of rummikub for his birthday in October. Since then he wants to play nearly every night. Because we are also responsible for other pesky things like school & work, we don't always have the desired quantity of time to dedicate to rummikub fun. We only get to play about once or twice a week, and tonight was one of those rare times. Ah the joy and bliss that come with this all-time favorite game. Proudly, Ryan won the first game and the second game was a three-way tie, with Rick in first. Yes, a tie I say!


  1. Sounds fun Leah. Are you still RS president busy girl?

  2. I don't like to play rummikub. he he he...:) RYAN ARE YOU MAD?!?!? ha ha ha ha.

  3. Hey Leah... I love rummikub! Sounds like you've been having fun!

    (This is Becky Wright)

  4. Leslie, no I was released from R.S. when we left for California for the summer. No I am serving in the primary and Compassionate Service leader.
    Ostlers, you're crazy if you don't love this game.
    And Becky, of course I know who you are, we enjoyed our visit yesterday!


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