Some of you may already know that Ryan and I share the two most adorable nieces, and the two most handsome nephews ever imaginable.

Avery is one of those gorgeous toddlers. She just turned two. I was lucky enough to be in Canada for that second birthday just two weeks ago.

Naturally while I was home Avery made a point of dedicating herself to trying on every pair of my shoes. These photos document the discovery.

Avery made sure each pair saw the short runway of our upstairs hall. She fell five times. Probably because most of my shoes are heels.

Luckily no permanent injury was sustained.

Note the last picture. Every time she put her feet into the shoes she had to hold the wall for support.

Sometimes she put the shoes too far away from the wall to reach. So she had to stretch herself between the sturdy wall and enticing shoes.

One of the falls occurred when she slipped during this very balancing act.

(More on my most recent Canada trip to come)


  1. wow. i haven't seen a picture of her in forever. she is so big and really pretty. i think she looks so much like chelsey, especially in the first picture. i can't wait to see more pictures.
    oh and i love that you are blogging so much lately. i always love your posts.

  2. She looks exactly like Chelsey huh? Especially chels as a little girl. She is super cute, and very thoughtful and serious about life. Even when its just trying on shoes.

    Yeah, I'm kind of on a blogging streak! I've set a goal to journal every day so its either here or in my real writing journal. Most of the time this is just easier.


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