ryans wall of fame

every time i update our blog ryan gets a notification on his iphone, and his discovery of what was and was not news-worthy is highly anticipated.

recognizing that sometimes he makes it on here and sometimes he doesn't, he is now vying for the position. randomly he'll mention things that i may find significant enough to post.

so tonight as i was walking upstairs to our office he calls out "write about my beard!" and so reader, you now know. ryan is growing beard.


  1. Ryan, you're joining the dark side!!??? Bishop might be a little upset when he sees all the priesthood holders showing up with beards... just kidding, bishop loves beards, he should grow one too. We should make it a mandatory thing for all men of the USU 19th ward.

    Good luck with this Leah, I know Mindy is having a struggle with Erik's scruff. I personally like Taylor's facial hair, but if you decide that you don't care for Ryan's, you'll always have a listening ear in Mindy.

  2. Honestly I like Ryan's too. I think he looks incredibly handsome either way!

    It would be funny to get the entire ward in on this!

  3. Hey hey hey. Leah...You don't even know how it gets yet. Ask Crystal. Then try and be excited...:)

  4. Mind, I don't get it?!?


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