artists (said with french accent)

how would you spend a snowy afternoon at home? we tried our hand at watercolor. tara was the only one who was not willing to risk the humiliation. although she did wip out a pretty little sketch with avery.


  1. hey I just hopped on...haven't been on the computer in an age. Cute new posts (i'm not just saying that because my children are in the last couple lol) It was so fun to have you up here in Canada. We miss you already. Hopefully we'll see you soon at an Edmonton wedding?? Are you two still coming?

  2. sooooo pretty!
    are those all yours? i love them.

  3. You are truly artists (with and accent), which I think is spelled 'arteests'.

  4. Chels - absolutely we are!

    Brittany - no, not all mine. the first one is chelseys, the middle one is mine, and the last one is moms. for our first attempts at water color, they were not too bad huh?

    Andrew - i completely forgot about the french spelling of arteest. those 2 elementary french classes obviously didn't pay off!


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