canada continued

naturally while in canada we visited my adorable grandma hartley, who served as apple pie and delighted us with childhood memories from the orphanage where she grew up.
grandma remington showed us her new cacti plants and mini garden additions to her plant room. i'm crossing my fingers that i inherited her green thumb. (even though i have killed every plant ryan and i have owned in our three years of marriage)
every trip home has subsequent basketball involvement of some kind. this trip it took the form of watching a game. at least that is why my dad believes we drove the 45 minutes to lethbridge. really it was just to see katey cheer. now that almost all 4 brothers are gone, dad usually finds himself grossly outnumbered by the girls.

yes, this is katelyn cheering. isn't she cute? we know she is 'cause grandma hartley keeps telling us that she is "for sure the cutest of all the cousins!" she has asserted this belief vocally numerous times over the past 3 or 4 years. as you can imagine this has taken a toll on all of our self-esteems. :)

katey-bug is second from the right . . . i think.

us sista's after the game. while waiting for our ride (jonny) i think the ushers noticed we were making ourselves comfortable and could potentially be there all night. they asked us to please vacate the stadium. what about our photo shoot?

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