sometimes i struggle to find my passion.
but more frequently i struggle to narrow down my passion.
because -you know- you can only open one at a time.

monday i fall back in love with interior design.
tuesday i rediscover cooking.
wednesday i delve into scholarly pursuits.
thursday i realize my life is incomplete until i write a book.
friday i recognize and release my inner artist.
saturday finds me in the garden.
sunday unearths the desire to teach, and mother, and create.
and then i remember everything else:
travel, discovery, invention, exploration.

except the list is much longer than days in a week.
longer even than days in a month, a year, a lifetime.
it's a growing register of ambition that's paralyzing with its enormity.

where does one begin? where do i even start?
and so i mull all of these ideas over in my head,
procrastinating any permanent decision,
because, you see, i'm uncertain.

i have no idea which will unfold as my life's pursuit.
maybe none,
maybe all.

for now i'll give them all another go round in my ever changing mind.
until i can see clear enough to pick just one.
and then i'll start there,
and keep going.

unless someone out there carries a key to such decisions.

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  1. Any thing you do you will do well but what about PHOTOGRAPHY!!! You take amazing pictures...I still remember how much I loved the ones you took in Romania!! You have a great eye for photography Leah! Now you have one more thing to think about...Not much help am I :)

    It was so fun seeing you while you were up here!! hugs.

  2. Friendship bracelets. Everyone I know that likes them is freaking awesome. And they feel fulfilled after. And they love them. Because the bracelets are wicked awesome. And if you like them, you can be my friend. And we will make them together. But we will make VERY different bracelets. Love you. Mind

  3. Aaaaww, thanks Leslie!

    I have always LOVED photography so I guess it's just one more thing to add to the list right?

    We loved seeing you guys also, your girls are getting so big, so we definitely know we are not seeing enough of you.

    And Mind, I have come to the conclusion that it's the friendship and not the bracelets that are important.

  4. hahha, so Mindy's bracelets lost out for a second time in a row... maybe one day she will find a friend that will make them with her.

    Leah, I agree with Leslie, you just have a knack for making everything you touch come out perfect. Not all of us have that gift so I say, don't try to narrow down your passion. Keep doing it all because you are lucky enough to be good at all of these things.

  5. Crystal you are so sweet! Especially because you are one of those people who are great at everything they try.


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