throwback to yesteryear

My sisters and I were raised on a lot of our dad's favorite pastimes.
Because he was aching for some sons, and wound up with three girls before he got any, many times he simply ignored our femininity and involved us in all things masculine.

One christmas Santa left each of us girls our very own hockey stick. Dad more than made up for our lack of enthusiasm and set up a basement hockey rink.

Despite our initial hesitation, we spent countless happy hours slapping the stick around on that rink. And I like to think he spent those hours content with girls who only acted like boys.

Weekends with dad found us ordering pizza and marathoning any number of his favorite epics. The Star Wars trilogy, Karate Kid, Indiana Jones, Rocky, and of course Superman.

I don't think mom approved entirely, and so these marathons usually occurred when she was out of town. That heightened the thrill of the whole event. We felt extremely lucky, in the way only kids can, to be involved in something we knew mother would not fully advocate.

Even at 5 years old we didn't just tolerate these late-night marathons, we loved them!

In like manner the husband and I enjoyed a superman marathon of our own this weekend. All my admirations for the feisty Lois Lane returned full force, especially seeing her ever chic wardrobe. Clark Kent wasn't bad himself, but he's no Ryan!

Happy Weekend!

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