cabin 2009


2:00 pm. arrive at cabin. quick swim.
begin get-ready rotation for family dinner.

out to eat delicious thai food.
party of 42 please!

luckily, we were seated
en route to the public restroom.
good for us, not so good for everyone else.

the siblings
becky | holly | mark | john | dad | anne

ry & me
{note my bright blue gum. classy!}

so fun to see randi!
australia is oh so far away.

and as part of the
natural progression
of the evening,
crawdad hunting
caps off day one.


a truly beautiful wedding {aunt becky & ken}
at an incredibly gorgeous location.
uncle mark & aunt beth
hosted at their montana paradise.

a lovely ceremony.
a lovely bride.

even lovely guests {us.}

having a lovely time.

enjoying lovely food
{a cheese platter to die for, truly incredible stuffed mushrooms,
hand painted chocolates - yum!}

& being ever so helpful cutting flowers.

melissa & tim
{aren't they so very cute together?}

how we really look when unaware of the camera.
{please note chelsey, dad & i.
what are we doing with our mouths?}
grandma r. & all her kids.

can you believe my grandpa made that canoe?
{and about 10 others just like it}

being jazzy.
to match the music.
it was all very cool. as -obviously- are we.

and relaxing after a long day of play.
which is harder than work.
and requires at least twice as much down time.
that's the ratio we were going for.

sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday
included a whole heap of the following:

i just love how avery is eating
with all the older yet single kids.
she can already tell they are the coolest.
pirateering & buccaneering.

{this is what happens with 2 rafts and 10 grown siblings.}

favorite quotes:

"arrgh, the one in black is mine." -brad (about chelsey)

"aargh, she be the first to walk the plank." -jordan (about me)

"aargh, relax!!!" -tim (about tara)

every night something new was lit on fire.
here it was a fire raft, sent out to sea.
or lake in this case.

our underwater glamor shots.
{katelyn & leah}

jonny's HUGE sliver

ryan caught avery a turtle.
she named it froggy.
and she let him go,
so he could go home & sleep.

such adorable children.
with such funny things to do & say.

lest we forget our biathlon.

can you tell we love going to the cabin?
can't wait for next year!


  1. lol. I need to copy and paste this post, so I don't have to rewrite all the things and repost all the pics. You captured it all so well...want to make a guest appearance on my blog?

  2. yes, i definitely would be happy to guest post!

    i'm glad you like it, i kept looking at this post thinking how extremely run-on-sentence it all seemed but I couldn't part with anything!

    We seriously had so much fun, and it was so nice to spend the week with you guys.


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