we love cream of wheat.

but we must not eat it it very often.

because this morning when i made a bowl,

i noticed the expiration date.


i still ate it.

side note: wouldn't some of this cream of wheat art
looking darling framed in our kitchen?


  1. At least it's easily digested.

  2. Those pictures would look great in a kitchen... The cabin 2009 blog looks so fun. all of the pictures made me wish I was there. The wedding was beautiful and you are so right about the location, what a lovely home! The hand painted chocolates are so neat! Your family seems really fun!

  3. yes mind, it seemed to be! :)

    i know kelly, wouldn't they be adorable? i think i just may do that.

    i love catching up on all your doings in japan, seems like you guys had a really great time with your family too this summer.

    next time you'll have to let me know when you're coming, i'd love to catch up with you in person!


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