dead battery & closet potential

oh so many pictures to post,
and so much fun to share.
but, sadly, my camera battery is dead.
and i left our charger plugged into the kitchen outlet in canada.
i guess you and i will both just have to wait.

{mom, could you please put that in the mail for us?}

and also, we are considering the movement of
our office space into a closet we have on the main floor.
are we crazy?


  1. Yes. But I do not think it's because you want to move your office. However...That is crazy also. I do not do well with change. Ba ha ha.

  2. you're not crazy! i recently moved my desk into my closet and i LOVE it! it saved so much space in my itty bitty room. plus it gives me a little more privacy in my crowded apartment. it's kinda funny, cause i have to leave the doors of the closet open so the chair fits, but i like it a lot.

  3. What will you be doing with the spare bedroom??????????

  4. we bought a new chair and have a bed in there so we can dedicate it fully to our guests. and we just love having our computer on the main floor for such convenient access. we miss you guys!


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