pink chair

i found the most delicious pink chair at d.i. for $25.
yesterday was spent painting the arms and legs white.
but after all that time & effort,
turns out i'm not sure i really like it white.

{too stark}

and so today may be do-over day. blah!
perhaps i'll try grey.


  1. Hey Leah! How are you? I love your blog (I think I found it on Facebook?). We should get together sometime to catch up. I'm down in Orem but we head up to Salt Lake (and beyond) a fair bit to see my in-laws. Take care and good luck with the chair!

  2. Let me see! :) I bet it looks amazing!

  3. i will definitely post some pictures soon.

    and nat, i'm so glad you found us. we should definitely get together, it has been such a long time since i saw you last! i would love to check your blog out too!!


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