boy in the kitchen. girl at the camera.

tonight was ryan's turn at dinner.
he made the very same dish that turned my head when we were first dating.
this softened {somewhat} the blow of it snowing today.
which was devastating, because i adore autumn.
and because all day long i was freezing cold.
and because i could not work on our latest treasure {a writing desk} like i had planned.
but his dinner masterpiece filled our whole house with a warm, christmasy aroma.
and christmas, as we all know, is the only time when snow is acceptable.
so our evening was a cozy glimpse of the coming months,
and almost made me wish we were in the heart of winter.
if only for christmases sake.

he made:
cornish hens stuffed with rice
& sauteed asparagus

ryan loves {and i quote} how the rice gets crispy where it spills out of his bum.
not the most appetizing thought, but very delicious.
best. husband. ever.


  1. first: you guys are amazing... im getting hungry looking at your delectable blog!

    second: that Ryan quote is sooooo funny, haha

  2. Haha! I love it! You and Ryan just make me smile! We were at Target last night and Jed got his first glimpse adult size one-piece pj's with the feet in them and he couldn't get over them....then he said "I imagine Ryan in these". as he pointed to his favorite set with airplanes flying all around! :O)

    Seriously, when I get bored from my day-to-day very normal life I go to your blog and see what you guys have been up to. You always have the best adventures, projects, date ideas, hostess ideas, etc....You inspire me.

  3. jer, anytime you get hungry looking at our blog, just come on over & eat with us! we always have leftovers. and i know, he's a crack up.

    ker, i can totally see ryan in jammies like that, now just to convince HIM. and I love that jed thought of it. oh, those two. and you're so sweet, we miss having you guys around to join us on these adventures! seriously, we feel the loss. how's ohio going?

  4. K girl I came across your blog last week and I LOVE IT....your a such a inspiration with all your crafty transformations and such. Oh and a husband that cooks to boot ! I want that recipe of stuffed chicken with rice...PLEASE POST !

  5. tiffany, i'm glad you did. thank you, you're so kind. i'm glad you commented 'cause now i got to catch up with all your fun picks, and what a cute family.

    oh, it's so super easy, i will post it.


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